Rotary Club Project

Info and safety tips for Super Spring Cleanup

When: Saturday April 21st from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Rain or shine!

Where: See city map and choose a location.

There are 2 meeting points:  Peterborough Confederation Park and Rotary Park Ennismore.
You will receive a picking location from volunteer team at meeting centre.

Refreshments: There will be Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tim bits at all locations. Sponsored by Tim Hortons.

Equipment: We will provide black and clear garbage bags, Gloves, Color ribbons

Dress: Dress appropriately for the weather; dry and comfortable footwear

Safety: At all times consider the traffic. Do not pick hazardous material broken glass, needles, chemicals… There will be colored ribbons to mark location for pick-up.

Children: At all times keep your children safe from traffic, steep ditches, hazardous materials.

Sort Garbage: Use clear bags for recyclables, black bags for garbage. See posters at meeting centers.

Dispose Garbage: Tie filled bags with a knot and place at roadside in safe location to be picked-up by public works.

Water: Please bring your own water!

Parking: You may park near meeting centre and walk to picking site or drive to designated site.