Rotary Club Project

Super Spring Cleanup – 2016

The 3 Peterborough area Rotary clubs have been organizing a large community spring cleanup for the last 8 years. We have had hundreds of high school students and volunteers participate and have picked up over 3000 bags of garbage and recyclable materials from our City streets, parks and County roads.

This year’s Super Spring Clean-up will be on Saturday May 7th from 10 am to 12 noon.  Everyone is invited to participate.

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The City will be divided into strategic sections with each having a meeting center.

People are to meet between 10:00 am. and 12:00 pm to receive garbage bags and instructions. Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Timbits will be provided by Tim Hortons.

Bridegnorth, Ennismore and Lakefield are also participating in this area wide clean-up with the BEL Rotary Club and the Lakefield Trail Stewardship Committee as the organizers.

Whether you come out for 20 minutes or 2 hours, by yourself, with your entire family or as a group, you are welcome to participate at this year’s Super Spring Cleanup. To help with the planning and to get maximum coverage at the cleanup, we ask you to register on the MAP page. You may also just show up at the centers to get your materials and picking site instructions.

Not only will we be cleaning up our parks, railroad tracks, river beds and road sides, Super Spring Clean-up will also educate everyone about becoming stewards of our environment, making our world a better place for now and the future. Today we clean the roads and parks; tomorrow we clean the Air, Rivers and Oceans.

Come on out and help with Super Spring Cleanup 2016.

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We look forward seeing you on Saturday May 7th from 10 am to 12 noon.

Thank you!
Yours in Rotary.
Guenther Schubert
Environment Chair
Rotary Club of Peterborough Kawartha