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The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup

The Great Lakes Watershed Clean Up (GLWC), is an International Rotary project that involves 66 Rotary Clubs in Canada and the U.S.A.

Rotary District 7010 Water Stewardship Initiative has been created to promote the project on a local level.

Everyone within the community, including families, friends and neighbors are invited to get involved by giving a bit of time cleaning our city streets, parks and ravines. Clubs, schools, businesses and other community organizations can easily join the effort by working in small groups, with COVID safety guidelines in place, help clean the environment.

The cleanup campaign starts May 7th. and ends June 1st. 2021. To keep track of the amount of garbage collected, we ask participants to enter the amount of bags or weight onto Rotary’s Super Spring cleanup website by June 13th. 2021. The grand total of collected garbage will be celebrated and shared on media with all citizens. Post your cleanup photos on #superspringcleanup.

The outcome of this broad public community cleanup is to rid Nature and Urban spaces of unsightly, toxic and damaging garbage. In recent years we have learned that alarming amounts of microplastics have been found in our lakes, rivers and drinking water. We must stop this self-destructive trend. Additionally, all participants will gain a sense of pride, ownership and responsibility for the environment.

In support of the cleanup, Peterborough Mayor Dianne Therrien has proclaimed for April, 22nd. to 29th to be Super Spring Cleanup week.

Let us work together and teach our youth to become stewards of the environment.

Peterborough Kawartha Rotary, Peterborough Rotary and BEL Rotary clubs

Once you completed your cleanup, please send us the information using the form below so that we can update the totals.