Super Spring Cleanup Week

Cleanup Safety guidelines 

All participants volunteering to pick garbage must adhere to safety guidelines and current local Covid 19 restrictions including wearing masks, gloves and stay 2 meters apart.

Children must be accompanied by adults

Bright colored and weather-appropriate clothing, gloves, boots and hats should be worn.

Picking and safety instructions must be passed on to participants.

Stay clear of dangerous waterways.

Hazardous material ( broken glass, syringes, batteries, chemicals, dead animals …) handle with utmost care or mark with flags or ribbons for public works to dispose of.

Avoid broken glass and sharp objects loosely in garbage bags to prevent cuts while carrying bags.

While picking garbage on roadsides, walk facing oncoming traffic. Do not cross the road back and forth.

Never pick on both sides of the road at the same time.

Keep children away from roads with busy traffic and constantly monitor them.

Do not pick on 400 highways or the 115

Stay clear from Poison Ivy, stinging nettles and giant hogweed.

Avoid steep inclines and declines.

Deposit garbage at safe locations not to interfere with pedestrians and traffic.

If possible separate garbage from Recyclables

 Do not fill bags to more than 20 lbs.